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 AcadeCon - New Regional RPG convention

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PostSubject: AcadeCon - New Regional RPG convention   AcadeCon - New Regional RPG convention EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 4:41 pm

Hello everyone!
I hope it's cool for me to post this here. I spoke to Makari a few days back and he suggested I do so. My name is Michael and I run a website about RPG's. Mostly we do podcasts, a mix of general advice and such and some actual Plays. I'm not allowed to post sites yet but basically it's my user name plus .com

Anyway, we want to launch a new RPG focused (though other games will be welcome) convention. We know we have some people that listen to our show that are coming but we'd love to make some new friends as well. We've already selected our venue: it's the Hueston Lodge in Oxford close to Miami University. Our Dates are 11/13 - 11/15.

The locale is pretty small and we can't realistically have more than 200 people in the room though if people wanted to spread out into rented rooms or the cabins we could do more.

Our current plan is to use Kickstarter to raise the funds with the goal of just breaking even. If we were to make any additional money it would be used to buy swag or start building a games library for future events. We'd be doing pre-sale badges through the Kickstarter. We haven't settled on everything yet but i'm aiming for $25 for a three day badge.

If anyone would be interested in more info check out the site I didn't quite mention and click on the Acadecon page. There's not much else to know yet, but as we get closer we'll be putting together lists of games people are wiling to run and doing sign-ups.

We do also have a Facebook page set up for our site and I have an 'event' created if anyone wants to let us know a yes or maybe they are coming.

Any questions, concerns or comments please let me know on here or on the site.


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AcadeCon - New Regional RPG convention
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