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 Wonky 40k @Cincycon

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Wonky 40k @Cincycon Empty
PostSubject: Wonky 40k @Cincycon   Wonky 40k @Cincycon EmptyTue Mar 08, 2016 9:30 am

This was a for fun event sponsored by Tonys Card Shop.
The players showed up with a their 1850 lists and did the following without knowing the next steps:
1. Select by highlighting 400 points in your list. Must be whole units no upgrades they are as they are on the sheet.
2. Mark out that 400 points it will not be used.
3. evenly divide your army as best as can be done into 2 forces labelled 1 and 2
4. Roll a dice to see what you get to play with.

Round 1 all you play with is the force you rolled for.
Round 2 you get the 400 points you lost as reserves automatically turn 2.
Round 3 you use the other half force instead.

Oh did I mention 3rd place gets the gift card!!!

ITC Wonky 40k 
PlayerArmyRound 1Round 2Sub TotalRound 3Final
1eric 10414519
2Ed Draper 1451116
3Jason McIntyre 10515Bye15
4Bryan Hancock 10414014
5Josh 11112113
6Alex 1Bye11112
7Zach Bowles 6410111
8Kyle Sawdy 16707
9Frank Bye1101
10    0 0

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Wonky 40k @Cincycon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wonky 40k @Cincycon   Wonky 40k @Cincycon EmptyTue Mar 22, 2016 10:54 am

sounds like it was a blast! wish i didnt miss it :-( would have been there but my niece desided to be born that day
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Wonky 40k @Cincycon
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