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 Catan at TimeWarp 7.22.17

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Catan at TimeWarp 7.22.17  Empty
PostSubject: Catan at TimeWarp 7.22.17    Catan at TimeWarp 7.22.17  EmptyWed Jul 19, 2017 7:57 pm

The Infamous Milky will be running Catan 5th edition Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming…
Yea, were trusting him around your sheep and ore. LOL!

This won’t be your daddys Catan game so, buck up, and prepare for a raucous wild time at the Pre GenCon 50 Games day at Time Warp in Eastgate Saturday 22th (7.22.17)

Join C.A.G. at GenCon 50 Aug 17 – 20
Check the Events for Catan with Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming.

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Catan at TimeWarp 7.22.17
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