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PostSubject: Smash Up    Smash Up  EmptyMon Jan 08, 2018 2:50 pm

Sign up for the Smash Up Championship at GenCon 2018. 4-32 players. Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. All participants will go home with plastic faction tokens that would make great card covers. Special Smash Up trophy for 1st place. What are the rules you say? Well they are:
1. The tournament will consist of 3 or 4 player games. The players will be randomly assigned to tables and the size of games will be based upon the number of participants. (for example, 12 participant will be seated at 4 tables of 3)
2. The winner of the tournament is determined after 3 rounds of play using swiss style pairings for rounds beyond the first round. The player who has accumulated the most points after 3 rounds will be the winner.
3. Each place will score Smash points (placement points) for the round at each table in accordance with the following schedule:
1st place - 4 points
2nd place - 3 points
3rd place - 2 points
4th place - 1 point
4. Ties will be determined by total victory points after the 3 rounds
5. Each match/game ends when 5 bases are scored (for 3 player games) or 6 bases are scored (in 4 player games) or after 45 minutes of play, whichever comes first. The winner is the person with the highest number of points when the game ends. If there is a tie, the game will continue with each base score until there is a clear winner.
6. If multiple bases will score in the turn at game end, all bases score.
7. The game plays with 3 bases (in 3 player games) or 4 bases (in 4 player games). After a base is scored and is replaced with a new one, all inactive bases without a minion or action played on it are also discarded and replaced.
8. The game will use all released factions except Cthulu and Munchkin.
9. All materials will be provided
10. Players will select their factions after a drafting phase. Players must select new factions for subsequent rounds
11. The game follows Pretty Pretty Smash Up rulebook except as noted above and except for new rules from subsequent expansions
Drafting Phase:
1. Drafting will be done per table
2. Turn order will be determined by high dice roll
3. Starting with the first player, each player selects a faction
4. Starting with the last player, each player selects a faction
5. During the last 2 rounds of the tournament, factions may be banned during the draft phase.
6. Starting with the player in last place on the table, each player bans a faction
7. Starting with the player in last place on the table, each player selects a remaining faction
8. Starting with the person that selected last, each player bans a faction
9. Starting with the person that selected last, each player selects a remaining faction

Here is the link to sign up https://www.gencon.com/events/126066

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Smash Up
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