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 Apocalypse 40k Siege of Golgotha

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Apocalypse 40k Siege of Golgotha Empty
PostSubject: Apocalypse 40k Siege of Golgotha   Apocalypse 40k Siege of Golgotha EmptyThu Feb 01, 2018 1:39 pm

Siege of Golgotha

In the beginning, the Emperor created the 21 Primarchs. The 21st was hidden away and was not scattered like the other Primarchs lost to the meddling Chaos powers.  This Primarchs name is Verloren Ziel.  He was hidden because he was undetectable in the warp even by the Emperor himself.  Ziel matured within the maturation chamber as intended for the other Primarchs.  At the time of the Horus Heresy, he was to be unleashed to turn the tide of Chaos but was not strong enough as the Emperor saw that he was not ready and placed him on a new vessel with a destination unknown into the Warp to become the Primarch the Emperor so desperately needed.
When the Ship Emperor's Promise entered the Warp, it was lost due to the nature of Ziel’s abilities. Ziel has no presence within the warp and masks though around him.  In turn, no psychic powers will manifest near him either once the Emperors guiding light faded to the Warp the ship slipped into s Warp subspace realm.  In this realm, the physics of normal space did not apply and caused much of the crew to go mad. The telepaths died instantaneously in furious screams as they could not maintain control of their mind.  Having no way to reenter the warp the ship traveled as best they could in this new subspace. Only recently did it somehow fall out of subspace due to unusually excessive amounts of warp space rifts.
The ship exited near the Golgotha system.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of its cargo and no crew to stop it the ship sent out a distress call alerting everyone nearby of its predicament.  Gulliman has heard of this and its importance and has dispatched Custodes along with contingents from the Mechanicus, Ultramarines, and Imperial Guard Legions.

Bring a force of 50 to 300 Power Level to partake in this massive battle.  Prizes await all who participate. Variable objectives will allow for even the smallest forces to impact the battlefield.  

In this series of apocalypse games, we will be using three different missions from chapter approved to help tell the story of this desperate operation. Along with the standard mission rules, we will be running custom scenarios.

Interactions with Space hulks in orbit, Deathwatch teams scattered about and Assassins trying to influence the tide of battle.

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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Apocalypse 40k Siege of Golgotha
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