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 Age of Sigmar ITC Tournament

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Age of Sigmar ITC Tournament Empty
PostSubject: Age of Sigmar ITC Tournament   Age of Sigmar ITC Tournament EmptySun Apr 28, 2019 11:21 am

2,000 Point ITC Format AoS 2.0 using current General's handbook for points.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Thursday)

General Rules:
1) Age of Sigmar is a 5 Game, 2000 point Battle host list tournament using the rules from the Matched Play section in the Generals Handbook 2019 and Age of Sigmar 2nd edition except where listed specifically below.
2) Armies must be WYSIWYG or easily discernible. This applies to all models that will see play, including summoned units. Armies do not have to be 100% painted but be aware that paint scores are weighed into winning the “best overall” category for a game. Models may be on any appropriately sized round base.
3) We will be using all the rules from the Matched Play section of the Generals Handbook 2019, including the selection of Traits and Magic Artifacts found either there, or within your army’s handbook, forbidden power, malign sorcery and the core rulebook. These are selected freely by the player at the start of each match, and do not have to be accounted for on your army list.
4) Round 1 will be paired randomly and all subsequent rounds will follow the Swiss matching system.
5) In addition to the Major/Minor Victory objective as determined each round by the Battle Plan, the flying pig will use Hidden secondary and tertiary objectives
7) Realms artifacts will be allowed. Realm spells are not allowed. Endless spells are allowed. (Digital or print, available to your opponent.)
Cool We will be following all rules and FAQ for general’s handbook 2019
9) Missions will be posted in advance from all available missions in all GH and core rulebook.
10) FAQ when released will be used no books that are less than 3 weeks old will be usable

Terrain rules:
1) Terrain will be deployed before the roll to see who will deploy first. Roll to see who places first piece and go back and forth till all terrain has been placed follow any other rules for placement per 2019 GH.
2) Sylvaneth Wyldwoods must be the exact size of the Games Workshop Citadel Wood bases, including the holes for trees, and players must have trees. During the game, players may remove trees to simplify measuring, but models cannot be placed inside the holes where trees are supposed to be.
3) Army specific terrain must be placed per rules in the 2019 GH

please pay attention to the army construction guidelines listed in the Tournament Rules and Matched Play rules for 2000 point match.
Scenarios will draw heavily from the listed encounter types listed in the General’s Handbook 2019. However, there may be modifications that will introduce additional tactics and challenges to the match.
Army tactics and positioning will be very important, as will having an army that is flexible enough to handle multiple scenarios.
Scoring Tournament Points
Rounds will score Tournament Points based on overall results.
Completing additional objectives in rounds of play will allow for bonus points to be scored.
Major Win: 15 points.
Minor Win: 10 points.
Draw: 7.5 points.
Minor Loss: 5 points.
Major Loss: 0 points.
Bonus objective 1: 1 points
Bonus objective 2: 2 points

Bonus Objective 1:
1. Slayer of champions: Slay an enemy Hero (That is not the General) at any time during either player turn.
2. Blood debt: Slay the last enemy model in a unit at any time during either player turn.
3. Dominate: control at least two more objectives than your opponent at the end of your turn.
4. Seize Territory: Have two or more Battle line units in enemy territory at the end of the game
5. Man, on fire: Friendly general causes more unsaved wounds than opponent general does at the end of the game
Bonus objective 2:
1. Blood Tithe: slay the last enemy model in two units in the same turn at any time during either player turn.
2. Slayer of Kings: Slay the enemy general at any time during either player turn.
3. Overrun: control all objectives at the end of your opponent’s turn
4. Body count: Destroy more than half of your opponents’ models that started on the board. Any models not deployed at the beginning of turn one do not count
5. Spearhead: at the end of the game if one of your units that started on the board in your territory is within 6 inches of the enemy table edge unit cannot have left the board the board.

Age of Sigmar Awards
Tournament Winner: Tallied by overall points received for tournament matches.
1st Grand Warlord
2nd warlord
3rd warrior
The cup of tears- Awarded to the player who comes in last place
Best Painted - Awarded to the player who has the highest paint score amongst all Age of Sigmar Entries.

Army Specific rulings:
This page will list any army or formation specific rulings that affect the Age of Sigmar Tournament.
1) Army Generals may choose their traits and items. No random rolls are required.
2) We will not be using the standard AoS scoring differential. Each game will be 5/10/7.5/15 for a Loss, Minor Win, Tie and Major Win plus bonus objectives points.
3) If there is a tie in tournament points, we will resort to bonus points as the tie breaker.
4) Models do not need to be painted in a specific scheme but must declare their chosen Skyport, Court or army specific faction for their army must be on list submitted to the tournament judge and on their list for their opponent.
5) Where multiple entries for the same unit exist, use the most up to date version.
7) Models which cannot be attacked or targeted are unable to score or contest objectives (Carrion, Changeling, etc.)
Cool You must select a Hero or hero/behemoth to be your army General.
9) You must follow Warscroll minimums for special models in units such as Banners, musicians and command models.
10) Characters and units cannot be part of multiple Battalions. The only exception is Battalions that are comprised of multiple Battalions (Sylvaneth Wargroves for instance).
11) Forgeworld will be allowed

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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Age of Sigmar ITC Tournament
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