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  **UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.

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PostSubject: **UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.    Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:12 pm

UPDATE: Trying to avoid putting all this on E-bay. Only asking $500. Please come take my little men!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am selling a large collection of Space Wolves and some other goodies which you will be able to look through below.
Also here is a link to a gallery you can view some pictures. http://s671.beta.photobucket.com/user/plastenarius/library/Space%20Wolf%20Army

I am selling the whole thing as one purchase - I don't really have an interest in selling anything off in pieces. I am looking for (NOW $500) which is a steal for everything you are getting.

Space Wolves

*Pre-new codex models
-16 Grey Hunters
- 5 Grey Hunters w/ Power Sword
- 2 Grey Hunters w/ Power Fist
- 2 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun

*New release models
- 17 Grey Hunters
- 3 Grey Hunters w/ Power Fist
- 3 Grey Hunters w/ Power sword
- 2 Grey Hunters w/ Mark of the wulfen
- 2 Grey Hunters w/ Banner
- 3 Grey Hunters w/ Meltagun
- 3 Wolf Guard w/ Combimelta and Power Fist
- 1 Wolf Guard w/ Combimelta and Wolf Claw
- 9 Grey Hunter Squad Painted (MoTW, Meltagun, Banner, Powerfist, Wolf Guard w/Combimelta and power fist, 4 normal Grey Hunters)
- 1 Grey Hunter Mark of the Wulfen (painted)
- 1 Grey Hunter w/ Plasma Gun (painted)
- 1 Grey Hunter w/ Banner (painted)
- 1 Grey Hunter w/ Power fist (painted)
- 1 Wolf Priest w/ bolt pistol (painted)
- 1 Wolf Priest limited edition Gamesday model
- 1 Rune Priest (painted)
- 1 Rune Priest
- 2 Custom Choosers of the Slain (1 painted, 1 not)
- 1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/ 2 Wolf Claws
- Ragnar Blackmane
- Logan Grimnar
- Njal Stormcaller (TDA)
- 1 Wolf Priest (TDA)
- 1 Wolf Guard in TDA w/ Chain Fist and Assault Cannon
- 1 Wolf Guard in TDA w/ Chain Fist and Heavy Flamer
- 2 Wolf Guard in TDA w/ 2 Wolf Claw
- 2 Wolf Guard in TDA w/ Wolf Claw and Storm Shield
- 2 Wolf Guard in TDA w/ Wolf Claw and empty hand ready for a combi weapon
- 3 Wolf Scounts (painted)
- 1 Wolf Scout
- 2 Blood Claw Bikers
- 1 Blood Claw Bikers w/ Meltagun
- Attach Bike w/ Multi-melta (painted)
- 5 Fenrisian Wolves (goblin wolf riders converted, not the new release)
- 4 Long Fangs w/ Missile Launcher (painted)
- 1 Long Fang w/ Lascannon (painted)
- 7 Long Fangs w/ Missile Launcher
- 2 Long Fang Squad Leaders
- 2 Drop Pods
- 1 Drop Pod missing doors (have doors but they busted off the model)
- Land Raider Crusader w/ Space Wolf Forge World conversion
- Land Raider Godhammer (new on sprue, comes with Forge World Space Wolf conversion)
- 5 Thunder Wolves (off brand, 2 w/ Storm Shields, 1 Thunderhammer, and 2 normal)
- Land Raider Godhammer (terribly put together, could make it look good with a lot of work)
- Venerable Dreadnaught w/ Heavy Flamer and Assault cannon (painted)
- Dreadnaught w/ ML and Lascannon (painted)
- Land Speeder w/ Heavy Bolter and Multi-melta
- Land Speeder w/ Heavy Flamer and Multi-melta
- Land Speeder w/ Multi-melta (was putting a heavy flamer on the bottom but stopped mid conversion)
- 4 Rhinos (painted, 2 with Space Wolf Forge World Conversion)
- 2 Razorback/Rhino/Whirlwind w/ TLLC turret (converted it so they could be all the variants, have pieces for all)
- Vindicator (painted)
- Vindicator
- Predator w/ Las Cannon sponsons (1 side is broken, missing turret)
- Predator w/ Heavy Bolter and Autocannon Turret


- 6 Necron Warriors (painted, blue rods)
- 6 Necron Warriors
- 3 Scarab Swarms (painted)
- Will include blue after market rods as well as stock green

Old Space Marines
These models are mostly vintage Space Marine models. Some really cool old stuff in here.

- 1 Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol and Power Fist
- 2 Sergeants w/ Bolter and Power Fist
- 1 Marine w/ML
- 2 Marines w/ Flamers
- 20 Marines w/ Bolters
- 9 Assault Marines w/ Bolt Pistol and CCW
- 1 Assault Marine w/ Plasma Pistol
- 1 Assault Sergeant w/ bolt pistol and power fist
- 1 Callidus Assassin
- 5 Marine Scouts w/ sniper rifle
- 7 Marine Scouts w/ Bolt pistol and CCW
- 1 Marine Scout w/ Heavy Bolter
- 1 Space Marine Apothecary
- 1 Space Marine Tech Marine (missing a hand I believe)
- 1 Space Marine Sergeat w/ Auspex
- 2 Space Marine Captains w/ Storm Bolter and Power Sword
- 1 Space Marine Banner Bearer w/ bolter
- 3 Termies w/ PF and SB
- 3 Termies w/ TH and SS
- 3 Termies w/ Power sword and SB
- 1 Termie w/ 2 Lightning Claws
- 1 Termie w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
- 1 Termie w/ Power Fist and Heavy Flamer
- 1 Termie no arms
- 1 Termie w/ Chain fist and assault cannon
- 1 Whirlwind w/dozer
- 2 Razorbacks w/ dozer and LC/TWPP turret
- 1 Razorback w/ dozer and TWLC
- 1 Dreadnaught w/ Assault cannon and storm bolter

I didn't play them, just bought them for my brother so I believe I'm correct on the weapons...but I may not be.

- 11 Guardians (painted)
- 11 Guardians
- 5 Dire Avengers
- Farseer (painted)
- 3 Warlocks
- War Walker (star cannon and missile launcher)
- Vyper (Bright lance and shuriken cannon)
- Fire Prism
- Falcon
- 7 Jet Bikes (painted, 1 with shuriken cannon)
- Warlock on Jet Bike
- Wave Serpent

Almost all painted and to decent quality

- GW Gaming Hill (painted)
- Gaming Hill (not GW, but flocked and painted)
- 4 GW Craters (painted)
- Temple of Skulls (painted)
- Honored Imperium (statue and aqulia painted)
- GW Ruin (painted)
- GW Forest (mostly painted, not the trees)

Extras and Books

- A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF BITS - you could really build a lot of things still
- 6 Forge World Dozer Blades
- Space Wolf Forge World Rhino Doors
- Space Wolf Forge World Resin Emblems
- Space Wolf Forge World Brass Emblems
- 2 Large GW army cases
- 2 small GW army cases
- 2 GW Tape Measures, templates
- 6th Edition Rulebook
- Battle Missions Book
- Codex: Space Wolf, Space Marine, Eldar, and Tyranid
- 24 blue and gold, 12 red and gold custom Chessex dice w/ Ragnar Blackmane's company symbol as the "6" side

Please feel free to contact me via the forums if you are interested or you may try my personal cell @ 812-236-7337
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PostSubject: Re: **UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.    Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:37 pm

Updated price.
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PostSubject: Re: **UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.    Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:23 pm

Have you thought about putting it up on Bartertown? That may help you get some more interest...

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PostSubject: Re: **UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.    

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**UPDATE FIRE SALE** Space Wolf army + goodies.
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