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 Druids of Orboros WIP

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PostSubject: Druids of Orboros WIP   Druids of Orboros WIP EmptySat May 28, 2011 10:24 am

I just finished the brown cloth and felt like posting my WIP. Thought it came out pretty well.

The orange contrasted a lot against the black of the cloaks, but I think it's much better now that most of the color has been added. Now I need to bring the metal around the orange back up and highlight the black. Then I add the weapons that would be in the way and finish the outsides/faces.

Any tips on highlighting black is much appreciated, I'm terrified of it.

Still need to work on a photobox...

Druids of Orboros WIP DruidsWIP
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Druids of Orboros WIP
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