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 Epic Loot RTT, Centerville, Oh May 5th

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Epic Loot RTT, Centerville, Oh May 5th Empty
PostSubject: Epic Loot RTT, Centerville, Oh May 5th   Epic Loot RTT, Centerville, Oh May 5th EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 11:42 am

Per Toby:

We'll be having our next tournament Saturday May 5th. It will be 3 rounds starting at 11 AM and cost $10. It will be 2000 pts. per player with 1750 fixed and 2 250 pt sidebars. In other words, players will bring a legal 1750 pt list. In addition, players will have up to 2 additional lists of 250 pts each. Before each game, but after seeing your opponents 1750 pt. list, each player will choose which of the 250 sidebar lists to use. This will create each players final 2000 pt list which must be a legal list as well. You can not, for instance, include a heavy support choice in your 250 points if you already have 3 selections in your 1750 list.

In addition, this will be a more traditional Rogue Trader tournament in that painting and sportsmanship will contribute to the overall score. Armies do not need to be fully painted to play, but winning overall will be difficult with no painting points. Scoring totals will be as follows:

Battle Points: Win/Draw/Loss: 7/4/1 plus up to 2 bonus pts. per round

Painting: 3 Colors: 5 Pts., Consistent finished basing: 3 Pts., Basic Shading and Highlighting: 2 Pts., Better than tabletop finishes: 2 Pts., Conversions/Display board/Other touches: 2 Pts., Best Painted Votes (each player votes) 1 Ea.
Sportsmanship: My BFF/I'd play him again/What a Schmuck!: 3/2/0 each round. Favorite opponent votes 1 Ea.

This makes for total possible points of 27 battle, 14 (plus votes) painted, and 9 (plus votes) sportsmanship.

Prizes will be given for the Overall Winner (most total points), Best General (Most Battle Points), Best Painted (Most Painting Points) and Best Sportsman (Most Sportsman Points). In addition to the normal store credit prizes, We'll be giving a 25th anniversary Crimson Fist Captain to the overall winner.
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Epic Loot RTT, Centerville, Oh May 5th
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