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 Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!

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Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Empty
PostSubject: Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!    Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 10:28 pm

Well, I haven't seen anyone else post a report yet so... I figure I will go first and if this isn't in the right spot I will move it to where it needs to be. I enjoy doing narratives so please indulge my story telling. Now I forgot to take notes during the game so I may have missed some details here and there but this is what I remember happening.

Who: Chris (Sisters of Battle) and I think my opponent was David or Robert? For some reason I don't remember his name... (Space Wolves)

Sisters of Battle

Saint Celestine
8 seraphim, 1 with melta pistol
10 Battle Sisters
1 melta gun
10 battle sisters
1 flamer ( I realized later that I was actually over 5 points, but I never used this flamer so that makes me feel a little better as it was used in Clara's squad, sorry David!)
3 penitent engines
Dominion squad with no upgrades

Space Puppies... I mean Wolves
Long Fangs with a bunch of missile launchers
An outflanking unit of Space wolves?
Two rhinos with ten marines each with an array of special weapons

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire


Three objectives, one on each side and one in the center of the board.

Space Wolves chose to deploy first and get first turn. The Long Fangs and the HQ set up shop behind a wall (sitting on one objective on the western side of the board. The Rhinos set up further on the eastern part of the deployment zone, one on each side of a building.

The Sororitas deploy, the Dominion squad taking a nice position on a hill on the far western flank, hoping to claim a cover save from the big guns of Space Wolves. Sister Superior Isabella and her squad deploy near by, hugging the cover of a ruined fence.

In the center of the line, the Seraphim lead by Sister Helena are joined by the living Saint in a forest, taking advantage of what little cover they could find. The penitent engines deploy next to the trees, putting the dense foliage between them and the long fangs. Sister Superior Clara forms up her squad on an objective on the eastern front, supported by the might of the exorcist.

Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Img_0711
Sister Superior Clara deploys her sisters on an objective, directly behind the building. After the first salvo of missiles blew apart two Seraphim, Clara orders her sisters to go to ground. And quickly!

Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Img_0712
The Space Wolves deploy on the opposite objective, their hearts intent on doing harm to the Adepta Sororitas.

Turn 1

The Space Wolf force rumbled forward (but not too forward) as the Sons of Fenris carefully gauged the distance between them and the Seraphim to ensure there would be no chance for the sisters to use their melta pistols. The long fangs stayed put, firing missiles into the Seraphim, tearing two of the women apart. Luckily for the Seraphim, the presence of the living saint inspired them to stay after the onslaught.

A beautiful litany of jump packs roaring into life echoed around the battle field as the Seraphim flew out of cover. Clara watched as the angelic visages disappeared behind the trees, towards the enemy lines.

"Hold here," she said, holding her mailed fist up to the rest of the squad as they were about to round the corner of the observatory.

"But shouldn't we help the saint?" Sister Alisara asked as she trained her bolter around the corner of the brick building.

Clara shook her head.

"We have our orders, sister" she replied, "we must secure this location and wait for Inquisitor Cyrus to investigate it. It is the Alpha objective and must be held at all costs. Let's dig in here and Emperor willing no one will make it this far."

The seraphim flew forward at the first rhino, determined not to let their prey escape. They were, once again, determined not to allow the long fangs any clear shots. They ran forward as they were not in range of the rhino with their weapons.

The exorcist fired its mighty cannon, but failed to do anything as the missile tinked off the armor of the rhino.

Dominon squad edged forward on the hill, taking careful aim with their bolters at the long fangs, but their rounds fell just short. Isabella and her squad remained still, taking up careful firing positions to support their reckless sisters on the hill.

Penitent engines moved forward, eager to catch the other rhino with their whirling blades.

Space Wolf Turn 2

Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Img_0713

The outflanking space wolves arrived right next to the sneaking dominion, taking cruel aim with their weapons. Unsurprisingly...

Isabella gasped as the fur clad warriors appeared behind the dominon squad on the hill. She shouted an urgent warning to her doomed sisters, but they did not hear fast enough as bolter and melta fire eleminated the sisters without mercy.

The Long Fangs took steady aim at the penitent engines, but failed to do any substantial damage. The Emperor was truly with the Sororitas today.

The Space Wolves from the first rhino unloaded, rapid firing their weapons at the Seraphim, scoring another three kills. The other rhino moved away from the sisters as it tried to outflank the massive war machines inching ever closer to them.

Sisters of Battle Turn 2

Isabella and her squad ran forward, eager to avenge their sisters who had been brutally killed right in front of them. The saint and her remaining seraphim positioned themselves to assault the tatical squad in front of them. The penitent engines lumbered forward, washing the space wolf squad with flame and scoring a couple of kills. The Saint also unleashed her cleansing flame, killing a few more.

"Engage, Faith unyielding!" Isabella cried as she fired her bolt pistol at the oncoming aggressors.

"Faith everlasting!" her squad chorused, unleashing a hail of bolter fire into the Space Wolves. A single wolf fell, helmet blown clean of his shoulders. The melta gun that sister Syrana carried fried another marine.

Isabella's hope to break the marines failed as they came howling forward. She had lead her squad into a death trap, one they would not escape.

"Prepare for close combat!" she screamed, engaging her chainsword's power cell, "Faith unyielding!"

Clara and her sisters continued to remain in their dug out shelter, listening to the sounds of battle that were now very very far away.

The exorcist did not fail this time, scoring a trio of hits on the rhino that was trying to outflank the penitent engines, destroying the transport and one of the marines inside.

The combat between the seraphim and the penitent engines was brutal as they hacked their way through the space wolves and their transport. At the end of combat, all the space wolves lay dead and only the saint and the engines remained. The saint smartly put herself behind a building, making sure she was out of line of sight of the long fangs. The penitent engines moved backwards towards the middle objective, desperate to get a cover save from the deadly long fangs.

Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Img_0714

Turn 3

The space wolf response was brutal and predictable. The outflanking unit shot up and charged Isabella's squad, throwing all the might of the Russ at the female warriors.

The long fangs once again took careful aim at the Penitent Engines, scoring another four hits but to the shock of everyone present, the engines passed thwo of their faith saves and only took another 2 hull points thanks to their ignoring of stunned/shaken results.

The stranded space marines shot up the saint, killing her, but she popped back up again, as she is almost impossible to kill.

Clara watched in horror as the Space Wolves crashed into Isabella's squad, chain swords cutting through armor and flesh alike.

"Emperor deliver us," she breathed as she watched Isabella cut into ribbons by the wolfpelt clad warriors. The marines caught the fleeing sisters and butchered them without mercy.

"We shall make them pay," Alisara said, hefting her bolter up her shoulder.

"Aye," said Clara, "Purge the heretics!"

Sisters of Battle Turn 3

Clara and her squad rose as one, training their bolters due west to fire at the outflanking marines. Their rounds managed to score many hits, but only a single marine fell. The saint flew forward, hoping to punish the space wolves for the harm they had caused her.

The penitent engines remained very still, hoping that the long fangs would ignore them.

The exorcist unleashed a mighty salvo of missiles, obliterating the tatical squad that had fired on her Holiness and killing them to the man. Peace through superior firepower indeed.

Disappointed, the Saint tried to run for cover but was unable to, but her in the cross hairs of the Long Fangs.

Space Wolf Turn 4

The outflanking marines surged forward, taking up the position that Isabellas squad had just a couple turns before. They snapped a few shots at Clara's unit but failed to do any damage.

The Long Fangs, however, found their mark and blew the living Saint from the sky... this time she did not get up.

Sisters of Battle Turn 4

Clara and her unit continued to fire at the oncoming marines, this time taking out another one bringing the squad down to a single marine and a sergeant who cowered behind the outhouse.

The exorcist, now bored and tired, moved to support the penitent engines to hold the objective (since heavy support units are scoring units in big guns never tire).

Space Wolf Turn 5

Realizing that the game was not out of their reach, the space wolves tried to dislodge the penitent engines from their spot but were once again denied by cover.

Sisters of Battle Turn 5

The Sororitas lead by Clara take down the last regular marine in the squad guarding the outhouse, but fail to kill the sergeant. The penitent engines and the exorcist stay where they are.

Game does not continue.

Space Wolf victory points

Objective 3pts
Kill the warlord 1pt
Linebreaker 1pt
First blood 1pt

Sisters victory points
2 objectives 6pts
Linebreaker 1pt.

Sisters Victory, but certainly a nail biter! Had it not been for my spectacular saves on my penitent engines, this could've been a totally different game. I also got a bit lucky (or unlucky as it were) that my exorcist decided to wipe out all of the squad that got out of the rhino. That ended up costing me a Saint (or at least I think it did). To be honest, that whole part is a little hazy for me. I don't honestly remember if she came back or not.

Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Penten10

Alright so there's the report. I am sure a couple of things are not exactly correct but that was the gist of the battle. I still have two more games to report so I hope you enjoyed it.

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Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!    Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 11:49 pm

Nice report, looking forward to the next one! Smile
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Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!    Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 1:45 am

Excellent Report, this is exactly what I was hoping the 1,000 point tourney would produce. Ive received reports that people have played but no one is poting battle reports!

This is a shining example of what people should strive to do for a great battle report!

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Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!    Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!  Empty

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Battle Report 1 for 1,000 point tournament!
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