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 Mixed bag of 40k stuff for sale

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Mixed bag of 40k stuff for sale Empty
PostSubject: Mixed bag of 40k stuff for sale   Mixed bag of 40k stuff for sale EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 9:30 pm

At so I have decided I have a few to many work in progress armies so I’m going to sell off some of my stuff
Some is partly painted nothing that good so you will want to redo the paint jobs. Everything is at least 3 years old so none of the new models
Blood angels/random marines
5 weapon arm moded(no hand gun or cc weapon attached to wrist) with jump pack marines
6 metal(think they were veteran) marines with jump pack(cc/pistol)
7 normal cc/pistol jump pack marines
2 jump pack marines with mutated arm and pistol
2 hvy bolter scouts
2 missile launcher scout
2 shotgun scouts
1 ball pred tank(old smaller style)
1 new style ball pred assault cannon part
2 cc/pistol normal marines
29 bolter marines
3 flamer marines
5 bolter marines with chaos backpacks
1 power sword chaos marine
Cc/pistol marine with chaos backpack
Land speed typhoon launcher/ hvy bolter
Land speed assault cannon/ heavy flamer
1 dante
1 mephiston
1 chaplin(plasma pistol) jumppack
1 chaplin(pistol) jump pack
1 librarian
1 caption(storm bolter/power sword)
1 corbulo
2 sanginary priests(jump pack)
4 power weapon/pistol jump pack
2 pweapon/plasma pistol jump
1 bolter/ standard jump
1 fureosos dread(no base)
10 scouts with sniper rifles
Unless otherwise noted pistol=bolt pistol

Calgar(older model)
8 small termies(5 plasic 1w/hvyflamer)
1 small termie w/missle laucher backpack
1 small termie w/ assault cannon

Witch hunters
13 bolter sisters
1 storm bolter sister
1 flamer sister
1 hvy flame sister
1 plasma gun/ccsister

5 dual bolt pistoler/jump sisters
1 pistol/psword jump sister
1 vindicare assassin
1 immolator

4 grey knight termies
1 grey knight termie w/psycannon
1 grey knight termie w/ incinerator
7 grey knights
2 grey knights w/psy cannon
1 grey knights w/ incinerator
1 coteaz/henchmen

The orks from the Assault On Black Reach set.

Im still going to play my space wolves and at some point hopefully get a IG army going. Will consider trade from those two armies or also warhammer fantasey stuff mainly skaven/vampire counts but I also do convert stuff into vampire counts for fun so will consider other stuff as well.
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Mixed bag of 40k stuff for sale
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