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 WAAAGH!!!! ORKS!!!! Full Round up from BoLS

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WAAAGH!!!! ORKS!!!! Full Round up from BoLS Empty
PostSubject: WAAAGH!!!! ORKS!!!! Full Round up from BoLS   WAAAGH!!!! ORKS!!!! Full Round up from BoLS EmptyTue May 27, 2014 7:08 am

via BoLS 3-12-2013

Said to be some ways off and in testing.

"Grot Boss" Grot with a stateline of a Ork Boy, but higher BS. Equipped with a nice kustom-mega-shoota as an option. Can also get a Buggy or take a Killa-kan as a transport/upgrade

"Da Crew" An HQ unit of even bigger Nobs. They have odd LoS modifications, One Nob must be nominated as "Da Boss", and if Da Boss is killed, one of Da Crew is promoted. This interacts in some new way with "Kill the Warlord" victory conditions, and is effectively an entire "warlord unit".

Grot Whirlybird: Rotored transport: Capacity 20 Grots. They get dumped on the battlefield roughly from the Whirlybird taking a mandatory DT test, and cause mayhem if they fall atop another unit.

Grots Buggys: Similar to Nob Bikers, but are buggies with Grots on the back and Orks behind the wheel! Drive-by attacks. Highly likely this will be an "alternate unit" for a buggy combo-unit box.
via BoLS 3-14-2013
Mek Tank – Sporting a giant Shokk Attack Gun, firing Bomb Squigs. Tank can purchase a KFF.

Flashgits - Their Snazz guns roll for random range each turn (12+3d6). On a triple 1 they overheat like Gets Hot. The unit may purchase upgrades like +1 BS, +1A, blast, rapid fire, skyfire, ans others, several are mutually exclusive.

Boys - cheaper!

Meks - Look for ability to field an increased number of Deffdreads and Kanns than currently.

Stormboyz - Gain a "Rocket boost" attack that can target flyers. They must move 18” and if they pass a flyer they each get 2 attacks on it as if assaulting a vehicle. Move as infantry during their next turn. Looks like the designers played a lot of THQ's Space Marine!

Buggys / Trakks - May tank shock if they are upgraded with spiked plates/wheels.
Via BoLS 11-4-2013

Orks in June, after Imperial Guard

Ork models focus on updates/removal of metal and finecast models.

Gutrippa returns as a reimagined halftrack with a Kannon and a nasty spike filled front, and a AAA Flakkwagon alternative build.

Buggy kit
Flashgitz/Tankbustas combo-kit
Meganob kit (Warboss bit included)
Big Gunz/Suppagunz combo-kit
Plastic cybork parts are included in one of those kits.

Plastic Weirdboy clampack
Plastic Mek clampack

Last but not least... there is mixed chatter out there about... da CyBoar!
Attachment 5542

Ork latest 2-13-2014
Orks (medium-low reliability sources)
- June
- A workmanlike release
- Focus on moving range to plastic
- New buggies
- New Koptas
- Plastic Tankbustas/Flashgitz
- Plastic 'Ardboyz/Madboyz
- Plastic Meganobs
- Clampack bigmek
- Clampack warboss
via Juvieus Kaine 3-20-2014
Still have the Mob and Furious Charge rules
Orks now have 6+ FNP
Each unit now has Waaagh! points
Waaagh! charge now per unit, not per army.
Sluggas generate 1 Waaagh! point for each turn in combat
Shootas generate 1 point for each unit kill with shooting
Waaagh points also generated from every 3 units of 10+ models (unsure of this one)
Mega Armour now has Deepstrike rule

Unit gets 2pts cheaper and weapons are now upgrades.
Choppas are AP6. +1str AP4 on charge. Cost 1pt each
Shootas cost 2pts each
Big Choppas now +2str AP4. AP3 on charge

Deffguns are now options
Unit is now cheaper and has more options for weapons
Gains new rule: Loot
- If in base-to-base contact with a destroyed vehicle, they can fire one of its weapons. Not clarified if per turn or per game.

Flash Gitz
Weapons now have random range instead of random AP
New range is 12 + 3D6”. Triple 1 on range causes Overheat
Weapon upgrade options include +1Bs, +1 Attack, Blast, Skyfire

Can now assault Fliers
Must move 18” on movement if charging a flier

Whole bunch of Grot units, including Grot Buggies, Whirlybirds, Rokkits and Snotlings
Grot Boss unit – has same stats as an Ork Boy with +1Bs

Now separate from Grots
Units of up to 20, 2pts per model
Has an upgrade called Control Collars: basically, bomb collars that explode when the unit fails Leadership. Think alternative for Runtherders

Now have a warp powers table; either Divination, Gork or Mork
Use Waaagh! points for powers
Waaagh points also contribute to Weirdboy’s death. When he dies, casts "Eadbanga" on himself. More points means bigger and more powerful explosions

Bomb squigs now can be taken as units
Includes more options. Can have upgrades for more powerful explosions or melta

Due to Waaagh! changes, Ghaz has 3 Waaaghs! Not sure if armywide or distributed to units
Killa Kanz to Elites – may require Grot boss

New unit of Warlord Nobz, can be taken as HQ. One Nob is the Warlord. On death, another Nob is the Warlord. Must kill entire unit for the kill
Possible mek tanks with upgrades
- Upgrades including a KFF and a SAG that shoots bomb squigs – if they miss you place a bomb squig
SAG and Flakk guns might be taken as Big Gunz unit
Halftrakk unit called Gutripper
Multi-wound Squiggoth-like beast

Goffs and Blood Axes first
Blood Axes can allow Kommandos as troops and can ally with Guardsmen

Snapfit mekboy and weirdboy?
Deffkopta kit
Cybork body parts box
Combi Flash Gitz/Tankbustas box
via Natfka 4-10-2014

This is a large release with five plastic kits and
two codices - the main codex and one supplement for blood axe freebooterz.

- a warboss in mega-armour with a "chainblade cleaver"

- a box that makes 3 behemorks, giant orks, as large as a killa-kan. They are stitched-up painboy experiments with giant chainaxes and a cannon that shoots buzz saw-blades. There is a heavily armoured variant with power drills and some sort of shoulder-mounted beam weapon with a tesla coil muzzle.

- a tankbusta combokit for the specialist ork squads

- buggy kit that also makes defflaunchas, halftrakk multiple-rocket-launchers. There is pirate nob either on foot or on the buggy. He was described as a mix of pirate and mercenary. A giant grappling hook replaces his forearm, a custom energy pistol, a bandana and two crossed belts on his breast with trophy fangs. The nob is a new HQ choice called 'ead'unter.

- The last kit is a battle fortress larger than a baneblade. It has a maritime vibe to it. It is basically a huge platform on three tracks with a round gun turret in the middle and several outer gun emplacements. The gun emplacement are not automated or armoured turrets, but open WW2 flak guns operated by orks and gretchins.

The platform has the shape of a star like renaissance-era fortresses with corrugated metal rails. There is an engine section at the rear end under the platform with exaggerated exhaust-chimneys and a crane that puts scrabs into a tank mouth. The main turret superstructure looks like an igloo. It has either a cannon with three barrels, each with a different size and length or a command bridge. On the platform there is either a landing platform including a killa kopta, a missile silo or two double-barreled armoured turrets.

The last options allegedly makes the fortress look like a battleship. There are galley-like trenches in the platform where ork passengers huddle. They are either empty or covered by canvas, so you can only see the bulges made by their heads.

The model has lots of humorous touches. The gretchins all wear spiked bismarck-like helmets. There is an ork bouncer standing at the bulkhead of the command tower.
via BoLS 4-11-2014

Orks - 5 Kits
1) Plastic Warboss: Multi-part plastic kit which make a warboss in mega armor with new weapon options.

2) Deffkoptas: Plastic box. Dual build kit with a new Grot skimmer.

3) Tankbustas/Flashgitz/Ardboys: Multi-part plastic kit which makes any of the three units.

4) Buggy/Halftrakk Plastic kit with a new Supa-rokkit Launcha option.

5) Mek/Mad-doc/Mega-armor unit (NEW): Plastic dual unit kit - First unit is similar to oversized Cyb-orks. Shoots new saw-cannon. Second unit option makes mega armor Orks
via BoLS 5-4-2014
- A new Ork Boys box triple-combo kit covering: Tank-Bustas, Kommandos, Flashgitz
- Buggie Combo kit (making the existing buggy and a new unknown kit)
- Mega-nobz Combo kit (making the existing Mega-nobz and a new unknown kit)
- Kopta Combo kit (making the existing Kopta and a new unknown kit)

-Stompa is said to included in the codex as a Lord of War
image via Mr.Fixit 5-24-2014
white Dwarf 18 cover - Gorkanaut!
Click image for larger version.

Name: e199eaf54c1519843afe7b57a41da29f.jpg
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Size: 257.7 KB
ID: 8914
via La Taberna de Laurana 5-25-2014:
Ork Week 1 Accompanying Releases:
Dual Kit Gorkanaught/Morkanaut 1 Model $105
The Crimson Fist: GW Exclusive novel by John French $24
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Ork Gorkanaut
Mournfant Brown Spray- Basecoat Spray $18
via La Taberna de Laurana 5-26-2014:
Click image for larger version.

Name: 001.jpg
Views: 418
Size: 316.4 KB
ID: 8962Click image for larger version.

Name: 002.jpg
Views: 433
Size: 266.7 KB
ID: 8963Click image for larger version.

Name: DSC38002.jpg
Views: 461
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ID: 8964Click image for larger version.

Name: gbtopvZ.jpg
Views: 486
Size: 399.9 KB
ID: 8965
via Games Workshop 5-26-2014

images/info via LaTaberna and Grot Orderly 5-26-2014

First up - Weapon Stats:

Deffstorm mega-shoota: R: 36" S:6 AP:4 Heavy 3d6

Kustom mega-kannon: R: 36" S:8 AP:2 Heavy 1 Blast , Gets Hot

Klaw of Gork: R: -- S:10 AP:1 Melee, Concussive

Grot Riggers: It Will Not Die

Morkanaut Vehicle Stats:

WS:4 BS:2 S:8 F:13 S:13 R:12 I:2 A:4 HP:5
Vehicle, Walker, Transport

2 Twin-linked big shootas
Kustom Mega-blasta
Kustom Mega-kannon
2 Rokkit launchas
Klaw of Gork

Transport (6)
1 Access point (front)

Extra Armor
Grot Riggers

Click image for larger version.

Name: 7kJKalA.jpg
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ID: 8971

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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WAAAGH!!!! ORKS!!!! Full Round up from BoLS
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