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 Future of CAG

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PostSubject: Future of CAG   Future of CAG EmptyThu Oct 30, 2014 3:21 pm

Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming 2015

Over the next month CAG will under go some changes to reapply ourselves to helping grow our hobbies. With such a large undertaking and the limited ability and resources at my disposal I am recruiting volunteers to assist with the many aspects needed to ensure CAG is providing the best quality events and the best possible recruitment procedures to grow our hobby.
While the main focus of CAG has been 40K over the years we are looking to broaden the hobby to include any and all games and aspects of our hobbies that are gaming related. Listing a few here for examples: Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine Hordes, Magic, Flames of War, Board Games, Painting, Building, Collecting, and many more.

Some of the key areas that we are looking for volunteers are listed below there are no hard numbers for how many we are looking for but we want enough to cover the events.
Outriders: Similar to GW Outriders capable to run sanctioned demos of any of our games at events or stores requesting a demo of a particular game.
CAG COUNCIL: Deciding member for FAQ's as needed or arrangement of events for scheduling, rules, and advertising.
Store Liaison: Direct Contact from a store to CAG or vice versa as needed to help facilitate any events or needs that may arise.
Forum/Social Media Guru: Someone that can help upkeep and post announcements and events to the CAG Forum/Facebook/Twitter accounts.
Tournament Organizer: Responsible for organizing the specifics for an event.
Tournament Judge/Floor Judge/Player Judge: Responsible for rules questions during an event.

If you are interested in any of these roles feel free to message me or voice your questions here!
We plan to have all roles filled by end of December.

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New times calls for new Records:
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Empire (0-0-0)
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Future of CAG
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