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 Drop pod doors

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PostSubject: Drop pod doors   Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:54 pm

So for touneys (mostly our local CAG stuff or maybe Krystal Keep events) does anyone see an issue with glueing the drop pod doors shut? It prevents the thing becoming a huge piece of crap too early and to be honest I prefer the doors glued shut. However I don't want to do it if its going to create me issues for use in tourneys. Anyones thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: Drop pod doors   Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:14 am

Just as long as people understand you can shoot through it and that is doesn't block LOS, it just provides a cover save when you shoot through it.

I think the only people that it will really effect are the newer people playing the game who may get confused with line of site rules

I am going to magnetize mine it should keep them closed for storage and transporting from table to table.


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PostSubject: Re: Drop pod doors   Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:37 am

INAT FAQ allows for either. However, if you go doors up it becomes "as is" for True LOS and can no longer fire it's weapons.

However, I'm all for pretending you can see through for a save.
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PostSubject: Re: Drop pod doors   

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Drop pod doors
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