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 Tourney's and events.

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PostSubject: Tourney's and events.    Tue May 03, 2011 8:56 pm

I am going to throw this in here since I donít know where else to put it and I am just going to throw it on the table since I am not sure how to get in the loop with the correct people. I have been doing a bit of coverage for any event I really know about on my blog. I did my Adepticon trip with additional info besides just my stuff, and I did a bit of Cinci Con which I thought was cool. I also tried to do the last RTT at the keep putting up the results and some pictures. Basically If you are organizing or running a event/tourney in driving distance of all of us here in Ohio I am all about doing some coverage of your event if youíre interested.

I mean please send me the details so I can do a announcement post with all the details anyone would need to find and play in your event prior the whole nine yards. Then we could even do a update post with how many slots are still available or any other information.

Afterwards doing a results post with some pictures and even some words from the organizer on how the event went. I enjoy reading that stuff I think it only strengthens the area to have it visually online and would even help to get the word out. In fact the only thing I would ask is I almost need to get some pictures of or from the event to post up with the results to really pull the story together.

Any 40k/warhammer or Warmachine/hordes events would be great. Just wanted to throw it out there like I said, if you interested please feel free to PM me here or at my personal email

Drkmorals AT Gmail.com

I say it all the time this area has a great group of gamers for all aspects of the hobby and I am all about showing the online community that we are all here.
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PostSubject: Re: Tourney's and events.    Tue May 17, 2011 8:10 pm

Don't know how I missed this post? I've read some of Drkmorals reports and they are extremely good! Plenty of pics and great commentary. I actually appeared in one from Cincycon (well my army did, he was wise to keep my picture out of the report Laughing ).

It's good to know, I'll definitly keep that in mind.
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Tourney's and events.
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