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 Flames of War American Tank Co. vs British Tank Co.

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PostSubject: Flames of War American Tank Co. vs British Tank Co.   Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:00 pm

The Covington Historical Game Club met Saturday Sept. 11th and Duane's American Tank Company faced a revised British Tank Company by Alan.

Though we have faced off many times with the British coming off the loser most of the time Alan pulled a fast one with a revised list (Infantry and Aircraft Gone) and it was tank heavy. I looked at his 17 tanks (A mix of Shermans and Stuarts) and it gave me pause. I was fielding 12 tanks and I was not sure I could handle his list. My force is a balanced army of Tanks, Armored Infantry, Artillery and Air which gives me lots of options but still when you see all that armor it gave me pause.

My Americans fight using a Anvil and Hammer strategy. I plant my (Anvil) Armored Infantry on one objective which frees the rest of my (Hammer) Tanks to concentrate on offensive operations. Artillery and Air can support both the Anvil or Hammer as needed. It is a good strategy that has worked well. Often my Hammer can gain local fire superiority when my Tanks, Artillery and Air come blasting in.

Today was different. My Air was forced to support the Anvil and my Artillery was split between the Hammer and Anvil which means I could not gain the local fire superiority I needed to punch through to the enemy objectives. Fortunately for me we both rolled horribly but I came off a little better when our tanks met and I came out the victor when the British failed a company moral test.

Pics of the end of the battle.

The Hammer at the bottom right and the Anvil at the top Right

Only one tank platoon was mobile and was forced to withdraw when one pesky British Stuart sat on one of my objectives. He died a quick death.

Action near the village. The American tank platoon on the right had lost their commander and was immobile.

My Anvil defensive line. The tanks on the right has been knocked out by a 17lb Firefly. They were the HQ platoon.
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Flames of War American Tank Co. vs British Tank Co.
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