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 CSM rumors

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PostSubject: CSM rumors   Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:39 am

If you stare into the night sky, you can almost see the Eye of Terror opening wide. Here's the latest on the Chaos Space Marines.

via Skcuzzlebumm

-Release date: September 1st
-Hard back
-There is an Eye of the Gods-like table ~like the WFB Warriors of Chaos table.
You get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!
-Chaos Cultists are in
-The Dragon flyer is in - think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it.
-Dark Apostles - ~Word Bearers rejoice!!!
-Warp Smiths - Chaos Techmarines that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain. ~maybe they'll have anti-psychotic grenades Smile
-New Daemon Engine - half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler.
-Defilers are Daemons and have a 5+ Inv save.
-'Cult' units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices
-No Cult Terminators ~boo hiss!!!
-Obliterators are exclusively for shooting - so no powerfists.
HOWEVER there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator.
-There are 2 types of Raptors now: regular CSMs with Jump Packs, and Possessed Daemonic Raptors with Lightning Claws.
-Possessed take multiple benefits from the Eye of the Gods table.
-NO Daemons in the Codex.

Hmm, sounds like a characterful transposition of Warhammer Fantasy Warriors of Chaos elements into 40k. I like the Eye of the Gods table as it makes you focus your play on achieving personal glory through challenges. That will effect the way you design armies, and give Chaos Space Marines a reputation for being led by some mean ass-stomping villains. I like the sound of that. *cracks knuckles*
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PostSubject: Re: CSM rumors   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:31 am

Faeit's 40k Rumor Tarot: Chaos Approaches

Posted by Natfka at 7/15/2012

Voices in the Warp speak of untold horrors that are lying in wait for their time to strike at the heart of the Imperium. This time approaches, so be wary and ready to commit, for our war against the forces of Chaos is at hand, and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

The last two weeks the rumor mill has been rather silent in the wake of 6th edition. We are very close to what could be the first codex of 6th edition, and that alone is noteworthy. The codex whispered to be on the near horizon is Chaos Space Marines, and it has been long overdue.

So today we will be talking mostly about the rumors that lead us to believe that Chaos Space Marines is next, and just when we might be seeing it. Please remember that these are rumors, and divining the future, even the near future can get messy.

Is Chaos Space Marines the next codex and When?
The rumor mill is very heavily pointing towards the first week of August as the release of the Chaos Space Marine codex. There is some margin of error though, but here is some of what is being said......

1. Starter Set is Chaos vs Dark Angels
Last week we had a scanned leak of the rumored starter set contents, which included new units for chaos space marines (cultists mostly). Everything points to this starter set being released in September, which would speak highly of a CSM release if there are new units in the starter set. Afterall we would need to have rules for them before they are released. This would suggest an August release of the codex.

2. Chaos Daemons are rumored to be getting some new plastic and finecast in a second half of August release, which would lead to a theme of chaos for the month. I have speculated that cultists will have some methods of summoning or possession of and from Daemons. If this was the case, and we assume cultists are in the starter set, it makes sense that there would be a chaos daemon release tying everything together.

3. The Chaos Terminator Masterclass Sept 1st -techniques to paint up chaos terminator squads
I have checked the schedule lately, and September is all greyed out. However at one point this was on the calendar, and I am going to assume GW wizened up that we were on to them and blanked out September quickly. Why would there be a Chaos Terminator Masterclass on September first if we did not have a new codex and some models in our hands.

4. Many rumor sources have claimed that the Chaos Marine codex is next, and due anywhere from August-October. A couple have even mentioned the codex was done (this was a few months back). Sources of a few were Darnok saying the codex was done, Grant saying he has had the codex in hand, atraphos declaring August outright, and rumors of cult terminators being seen earlier this year.

In all, the rumors very much point towards August as the release date of this codex. This would mean that a very few days (about 10 or so) from now.... we should start seeing hints and even something breaking from White Dwarf images. Just do not forget, Chaos is fickle, and even though it looks likely, these are all based off of rumors.

Forgeworld Going Mainstream?
We have heard now from last week that Forgeworld is rumored to become mainstream and even be allowed in tournaments. The rumors stated GW was doing an FAQ to bring the models into the fold, and that Forgeworld would become available through Games Workshop Stores. The rumor even states that Forgeworld will be doing 40k codices in the future.

This week though, on Forgeworld's Facebook page, there was as statement directed towards these rumors. They flat out denied Forgeworld will be doing codices, and were even slightly amused by them. However, it seemed that there was some truth in there, as it has been said many times now that Forgeworld is looking at making their models more available. As to the rest of the rumors, they were strangely quiet which has led to quite a bit of speculation.

So we really do not know what is going on with Forgeworld models.

For more details on the rumors mentioned on this post, check last week's Faeit's Rumor Tarot here on Bell of Lost Souls, and then head on over to Feait 212 with me and join the latest discussion. Faeit 212

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PostSubject: Re: CSM rumors   Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:38 am

The rumors keep coming!

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PostSubject: Re: CSM rumors   

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CSM rumors
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