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 MIA: Crimson Fist Tactical Marine

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PostSubject: MIA: Crimson Fist Tactical Marine   Mon May 24, 2010 3:40 am

Finally brought all my stuff in from the car, after a model count one went AWOL.

Painted in Crimson Fist Colors...blue with a red fist on the left shoulder. His hands are empty he looks like he is supposed to be holding a Bolter, which he is eventually. He went missing on the last game. I was playing on the board with all aquarium foliage on it...not sure whose terrain that is, but he may have been gathered up in the rush of putting stuff away. Could you check the box please.

If you see him let me know...there is a reward of $.05 to the lucky one that finds him...if not I will sadly build a new one.


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MIA: Crimson Fist Tactical Marine
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