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 Promethium Relay Pipe + Transports

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PostSubject: Promethium Relay Pipe + Transports   Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:05 pm

So I was reading through stronghold again to find some ideas and stumbled across promethium pipelines.

"Any flamer weapon ( as defined in the Warhammer 40k rule book) fired by a non vehicle model with 2 inches of the Promethium Relay Pipe in the shooting phase can change its weapon type from assault to heavy, or from pistol to heavy. If it does so, the weapon gains the torrent special rule until the end of that phase."

1. So is it possible to park a transport full of flamer weapons behind this, then have the weapons benefit from this rule as when the shoot from the fire points?

2. Since the weapon type is changed to heavy at the beginning of the shooting phase, would this prevent any non-relentless troops from using torrent the same turn in which they moved to within 2 inches of the pipes? ( kind of confusing how this would work since at the time of movement it's still a pistol/assault weapon)

3. Promethium Relay Network is defined as "3 long and 4 short pipe sections". As far as I know there aren't any GW or FW models for these yet. So would it be safe to say that "short" and "long" sections would be approximate size of the short and long sections of Aegis Defense Line?

If the transport trick works, I could essentially park a chimera with some flamers behind the pipes with camo netting(and models behind the pipes get a 4+ cover, camo netting bumps this to a 3), with armor 12 facing the pipe( since successful saves behind the pipe create D6 S4 hits). While I do not play Orks, this could get really nasty with a trukk or battle wagon full of Burna Boyz, giving 4+ cover to the vehicle....

- Given the weaker strength of most infantry carried flamer weapons and the limited range of torrent, I don't see this being game breaking, but it does create some silly and useful tactics.
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PostSubject: Re: Promethium Relay Pipe + Transports   Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:06 am

Q1...yes and yes so long as the access fire point is within 2 in of pipe.

Q2...i believe there is no restriction to movt as the type is not changed until the next phase. What does change is the ability to assault after use of pipes if non relentless.

Q3...yes that is the accepted dimension. TO would have final rulings
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Promethium Relay Pipe + Transports
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